This is an recording of a Google plus hangout where Alex Koloskov and Jay Patel are talking about HDR techniques.

Here is the topics we have discussed:

1. What is your workflow of capturing multi-exposure HDR?

  •  Do you shoot (mostly) hand-held or on tripod?
  • Do you use auto bracketing?
  • If not, why?
  • what is your Ev step between exposures?
  • how many exposures you usually have for your HDR?
  • Is it always RAW or you shoot JPEGs as well?

 2. Gear:

  •  Favorite lens and tripod?
  • any special gear (like remote shutter, etc) do you use?

3. Post production:

  •  How much time you spend in average to create HDR?
  • What is you favorite HDR processing program (s)?

 Jay Patel & Varina Patel photography:

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