The Time has arrived…

We have reached that time where we have to pick a winner from our contest.

There have been some outstanding entries and believe me when I say “It was really hard to select ONLY ONE winner” but we managed to do it :-)

We have added “Honourable Mentions” , as we feel that many of the submitted photos are worth of displaying.

The Winner

 Charlie Choc

Realistic HDR contest winner, HDR by Charlie Choc

 Great composition, a  great Realistic and Perfectly done HDR image. Bravo, Charlie Choc

Honourable Mentions

Stephen Hancock HDR

Great achievement.
The only drawback we found for this image was that HDR was not really required. If you look at  the bracketing sequence, you’ll see that 0 Ev shot was pretty much the “before post-production” version of the final image.

Ashok Mani HDR

Realistic Look.
One of the most realistically looking HDRs. Slight halo around clouds is the only imperfection I can see here:-) Thank you!

James Brandon HDR

Unusual Technique.
Pretty cool shot, and interesting HDR technique: usually Aperture stays the same but shutter gets adjusted, in this image the opposite occurred. 

3 exposure HDR blended manually in Photoshop. 1 exposure at f/3.2 to freeze the boats, another at f/18 for the town and one final exposure for the sky

Nelson HDRMost unrealistic looking realistic HDR:-)
While being on the edge of “HDRishness”, this shot has this tiny mystic look and was very appealing to our eye. Great composition.

Mohammad Asif ul Haq HDRMost unusual HDR: B/W
We are not a big fan of B/W images, but this one looks very good. Good enough to be mentioned here:-)

Mike Attanasio HDRBest Interior HDR
Well executed, this is a great example of interior HDRs. I am pretty sure Mike can do very good commercial interior photography using the same technique. 

Feroz Khan HDRBest Interior HDR
Same as previous:-) It only lacks a final sharpening for web, it has a slightly blurred look.

Mike Criss HDR

Most scenic view.
We love the view, the only thing unbalanced is the brightness and color of the lower part of the image (green grass is too bright). We felt that this is what prevented it from being perfect.

Thank you everyone who joined us on this contest! I’ll post a mini-review for EVERY submission in a few days:-) Now, please congratulate our winners!

3 thoughts on “Contest Winners

  1. priyashanmugam

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  2. johan

    stunning photographs all of them

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  3. Many thanks for the honorable mention and the constructive critique. Love the website!

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