13 thoughts on “HDR: before and after (single v.s multi exposure) #2

  1. Обалдеть!!! Это очень красиво и реалистично! Ведёте ли вы занятия на русском языке? Очень охота научиться делать такие потрясающие вещи!

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  2. Hey Alex, Hope you doing great, Alex i love your photography, specially you HDR, i am an Artist of Photoshop Digital Artworks, and i have also tried HDR so many times, but i couldn’t get nice results such as you have in your Photographs, i love to buy your HDR book, but i can’t.. cox i’m from Pakistan and i don’t have credit card or something that helps me to get this book. Alex sir please share your ideas with me. am your biggest fan, sir please can you send me this book for free.. please sir i shall be your thankful even i died…!

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  3. I love HDR, and have tried it a few times myself…I am curious how you do HDR with multiple exposures, when your subject is moving… (splash of waves, people walking).

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    • Steve,
      quite often I shoot hand-held, and not only 3 AEB exposures, but 3+3, dialing Ev compensation in between. So, it is not only objects are moving, but the camera is shaking:-)
      However, Photomatix does a great job stitching together shots like this, and selective de-ghosting tool can take care of moving people, etc.

  4. It’s great to see all these examples of the same picture with or without HDR effect, I helps a lot to see what you can get with this technique.
    As Octavio many people complains about the unrealistic feel in HDR but I guess that is only about the photographer eye during the processing; not all the HDR pictures look this way.

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