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  1. Hello Alex.
    A few months ago I bought your book on HDR but had a crash in my computer and lost all my files.
    Is there any way I can get the link for the book again?
    Any extra information that you need just let me know.
    Thanks in advance.

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  2. I believe that you could probably increase sales of this book, which should be selling extremely well at this time, by 10 or 50 times if you lower the price to $19.99 or $9.99. You are currently priced way above your competition!

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  3. I just downloaded your book and i cant get the PSD and Raw files to download i think your SQL Server is down. When i attempt to download them i get “Error connecting to mysql”

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    • Thank you for reporting this. We just moved to a new server this morning and it may have some issues. Looking into this right now, will let you know asap.

    • Eddie,
      It is fixed, now you can download fiels. Sorry for inconvenience, let me know if you can help you with anything else.

  4. Hi Alex
    We are a school in Perth Australia.
    I wanted to download your book, and tried to use your coupon code,HDR2012Y, but it does not work.
    Please can you send me another.
    Many thanks

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  5. I just purchased your book as I like the realistic HDR samples you have done.

    On the bracketing aspect, as there are some moving portions of the subject (ie. trees, plants, people, etc), is it acceptable to just create in camera raw/photoshop/or lightroom the multiple exposures? As we are shooting in raw, we can easily come up with the different exposures.


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    • Laurent,
      Moving objects is going to be fixed by Photomatix de-ghosting tool. As for the different exposure, I did not get it: exposure should be different, this is how HDR gets created, right? We shoot in Av mode (aperture priority), and each bracketed shot will have different shutter speed, which is exactly what we need, right?

  6. Hi Alex.

    I use PS elements. Will I be able to use RAW and PSD files provided with this book with PS elements.


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  7. Hi Alex,
    Love your work and I especially love being able to see the before and after shots.
    I am wanting to buy your book but was wondering if it can be purchased in hard cover as well as downloaded. And if it is available in hard cover can you still download the photos etc.

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  8. Alex,

    Just purchased your HDR book from Amazon.com today. Is it still possible to get the PDF version as well? I had an Amazon gift card I needed to use, otherwise I would have purchased it from you site.


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  9. Hello, Alex. Just bought your book. I can’t find RAW’s or any psd. files in the downloaded zip. package. You said it’s included for full/fast learning experience. Or am I mistaken?

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      • Saulanta,
        Not a problem:-) I’ll add where to find PSD and RAW in a book description: files are huge, over 1.1Gb total, so we can only provide a link to download them;-)
        Thank you!

  10. Update: now we got Kindle version!

    It will be included on your download. Also, in a few days it will be available on Amazon Kindle store!

  11. I have started photographing properties for Realtors and I am not using any speed lights/flash for my interior shots. I normally use 3 or 5 brackets for a shot, depending on how much natural and artificial light is in a room. For the sample below I used 3 brackets -2, 0, +1

    For the most part I am fairly happy with the results as are my clients. However I don’t like how the light coloured ceilings show up after processing with Photomatix. I always have to adjust some of the pictures in Lightroom or PS5 to try and clean them up, but I still end up with that slight dirty look on the ceilings.

    I use an average exposure of the room from my camera metering and the walls and furniture turn out pretty good, just the ceiling is the problem. Would I be better off exposing for the ceiling and making a small adjustment for the middle exposure?

    Peter Slupski

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    • Peter,
      Nice shot. The room is similar to that shot we had in the book:-)
      You’ve got a very soft and warm feeling here.. may be a little too soft for my taste, but still very, very good. Thank you!

      • Thank your for the comment and compliment. I’m glad you pointed out the “soft” look because it is something I have been struggling with to eliminate. It’s almost as if I am adding a soft glow to the photographs, but I’m not doing that in my processing. I’ll try adding a bit more structure through a Nik Plugin or I might start playing with levels or curve adjustments in Photoshop. I have a lot of software toys so I’m sure I can find a solution.

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  12. Hi Alex I’m sold on your style, hence gotten your book and looking forward to reading it. may I take a moment of your time and ask is it unusual to do HDR with slide images? I had the occasion to try it using Photomatix Pro (Trial Version) with images I took back in early 90′s I can’t recall the +/- stop probably only 1 either side, handheld, I didn’t do any other post processing as I didn’t feel confident enuff and with PSE/LR wasn’t sure that I could do it justice so I posted it as is. I haven’t added it here as I do not know if it qualifies but it can be seen here.. http://tinyurl.com/5rwuqnw

    I’m currently cataloging some 20-30 thousand slides and negs from 35mm- 6×6 format. is a long term project that I have time to do due to my circumstances.

    I’ve not converted to DSLR for RAW as yet, I still using a fuji finepix S2800HD 14mp camera, tho the Canon 5D MkII is in my sights or it’s successor. Thanks again for sharing your talent and your book.

    Kind Regards

    Robert Dyet

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    • Robert,
      Wow, HDr with film! This is awesome crazy:-) I meant it is cool, just way too much work. I think you can go much wider with your Ev step, as film has wider DR then digital sensor. Try 3Ev, it may yield some pretty cool results.
      BTW, you can use JPEG for hdr without any problem: just do 1EV step, and you’ll e fine. JPEG does not have DR of RAW, which means you need more shots to capture all zones.
      P.S Thank you for the purchase!

  13. Been watching your stuff for awhile now and really like your Realistic HDR.
    If you check out the ‘Historic Architecture’ page on my website you’ll see an example of interior architectural lighting that I did using strobes and speedlights, either bounced or with umbrellas.
    But I’d like to see if HDR will work for me so I don’t have to lug all that lighting around. I live in NYC, no car, so I have to physically carry it around.
    However, I have uploaded here my first exposure fusion with tonemapping done with Photomatix Pro 4 (trial version).
    Not happy with the muddy look. Does your ebook tackle how I will start with this version and end up with a nice, crisp, detailed version like the ones you show on this site?
    Thanks, Bob

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    • Bob,
      Yes, we do show how to make HDR from mushy source from Photomatix (this is how it does it) to a clear from Photoshop. Step-by-step.
      In fact, one of the example images we used in a book is a commercial interior shot. I use to shoot a lot for hi-profile real estate companies, and was using only few speedlites or no lights at all to get interior shots. HDR was a big help there.

      So, you will find in the book step-by-step processing of this particular image (no flash were used):
      Commercial HDR by Alex Koloskov

      Hope this will help, thank you!

  14. Alex,

    Can’t wait to purchase this, however I’m wondering if I should wait for the Kindle version. Any benefits to purchasing one vs the other? Also, any plans to release a NOOK version?


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    • Craig,
      We are working on a Kindle version, hope we’ll finish it by the end of this week. Both version will be the same, so there is only your preference on where to read it on..
      Nook? have not think about this yet. If it will be easy to create nook version from what we have, then we’ll have book for nook. if it will require to re-format everything again, then probably not. We’ll look at this once Kindle edition is finished.
      Thank you!

      • Thanks for the quick response! I think I’ll wait for the Kindle version since it’s only a week away.

        Thanks again,

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  15. Just curious about your book. Does your Realistic HDR process requires any third-party plugin other than just Photoshop (ex. CS2)?

    I would love to learn how to do realistic HDR from Raw to finish without plugins.


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    • Terence,
      We use Photomatix and Photoshop CS5, both. Photomatix is the best to stitching together HDR and de-ghosting it, Photoshop is for the rest.
      Regarding Photoshop versions: The same workflow can be done on a lower version of Photoshop (not sure about CS2 though), as everything is based on a standard Photoshop tools.
      As for the plugins, sometimes we use Topaz Denoise to fix some of HDRs, but this is optional:-)
      Hope this will answer your question.

  16. Hello again Alex – I too just purchased a copy of your book. I need something to read while I am in GA. next week. I am teaching two – 1 week classes in macro photography for lapidary. We use very similar techniques … see my Google+ account and the jewelry photo folder. Best of luck with the HDR book.

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    • Alex,
      The link was on the confirmation screen you were redirected to after paypal payment.
      you also should receive a confirmation email with the link.
      I’ll resend it to you ASAP.
      Thank you!

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