Earn 50 percent on affiliateEarn some money today by joining the Realistic HDR Book Affiliate Program!.

Affiliate programs are easy and fun but more importantly, they allow you to earn cash by simply adding a link to your own website, blog or email signatures,

If you are already familiar or already use affiliate programs then all you need to do is join our Affiliate Program Now. After you create an account, register, and confirm on that site, you will be ready to get the code and start selling immediately.


By joining our affiliate program, you will be able to offer offer our products for sale through your own website, blog etc and receive a commission. The more people you get to buy our products through the link on your websites, the more money you earn.

It doesn’t cost you anything and you don’t even have to carry any stock, it couldn’t get any easier.


The amount of commission that you earn depends on what target we set for each of the products that we sell. For Example: You will receive 50% of the sale price for every e-book  that you sell.


Yes, thats correct,  It costs no money up front for you to join the affiliate program.  You don’t have to keep any stock, do any shipping, contact any buyers or anything.  We will take care of all that.  For every customer that buys our product by clicking your link, we pay you 50% commission.


  • Register for the Affiliate Program.
  • Enter the Affiliate Admin area to get your own HTML code with your Affiliate ID.
  • Put that HTML code on your blog, Website or Emails
  • After a customer makes a purchase, and that purchase is tied to your Affiliate ID. You get 50% of every sale.
  • You will be automatically paid monthly into your Paypal account.


Step 1: If you don’t already have one, sign up for a free PayPal Account. All your commissions will be payed using PayPal.

Step 2: We use E-Junkie to manage our Affiliate Programr. Click the affiliate signup button below to get to the E-Junkie affiliate registration page. The registration page will open in a separate window.

Join our Affiliate Program!

Step 3: Register at e-Junkie by entering your email address and entering a password of your choice. After registering, E-Junkie will email an activation code.

Step 4: Enter the activation code which you received via Email into the activation box to complete your E-Junkie registration.

Step 5: Click Edit Profile and edit your business name (Optional) and your PayPal email. Your PayPal email is the email you used when opening your PayPal account. This is required so that E-Junkie can pay your commission payment directly to your PayPal account. 

Step 6: After editing your affiliate profile, click on ‘Get Affiliate Code’ which will allow you to get the Affiliate Code for our product(s)

Step 7: From the drop-down list, select the Mastering Splash Master Class then click on ‘Get Affiliate Code’ to obtain your unique affiliate link for this product. You will place this link (called a Hop Link) on your website in order to promote this particular product. When your visitors click on the link and make a purchase, a commission is recorded against your account name.

After you have pressed the Get Affiliate Code button, you will be shown the code that is required for your Website/Blog etc. Simply select all the code and then copy and paste it.

4 thoughts on “Affiliate Program

  1. Too easy, added the affiliate code to the new blog I’m starting. Hope it helps.

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  2. Great

    Thank you so much. How do I get the discount code?


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  3. We run a non-profit organization that focuses on orphaned and vulnerable children and in addition to this we have a restoration centre that help adult men to overcome various addictions or other problems.

    We have been running since 1995, and we intend to run a photographic competition to gain public awareness. We have been given the opportunity to involve India, Delhi in this competition as well and therefore are looking for prises that would feature world wide and not only in Port Elizabeth.

    We were hoping that you would consider donating a free copy of one of your photography e-books such as Realistic HDR to one of our winners.

    In order to give you the best coverage we would like advertise this event soon, as the prize giving event will take place on the 30th March.

    If you have any queries please contact me or visit our website http://www.jmin.org.za/

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    • admin

      Sure, not a problem. I’ll be glad to help you. I’ll send you code for 100% discount for the book, and you can use it as award.
      Hope this will work for you.

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