Realistic HDR for Landscape and Architectural Photographers

Realistic HDR for Landscape and Architectural Photographers


realistic hdr for landscape and architectural photographers ebook“Example isn’t another way to teach, it is the only way to teach.”
 ~ Albert Einstein

We have created this book based on our own experience. All of our research has been done on the Internet using free sources such as photography forums and blogs. The rest has been learnt by our own experimentation, based on a trial and error approach. 

We were one of the first photography studios to use HDR techniques for commercial architectural photography in the Atlanta metro area USA.


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Instant download of 84 pages PDF e-book + PSD and RAW files.

This e-book is for people who:

  • Like bright, colorful, crisp, but realistic looking images;
  • Want to learn how to avoid making blurry, ghost-filled, over-saturated HDR images;
  • Are interested to learn how we do our HDR photos (G+ portfolio);
  • Are looking for the practical application of HDR;
  • Are wanting to start creating HDR photos the right away, without spending much time to learn the chemistry behind the process;
  • Not only want to create good looking HDR images for the web, but also hi resolution images full of details ready for large prints;
  • Are interested on how HDR can be used in commercial architectural and real estate photography.

Those are the best looking HDR I have seen. Usually what I come across have a sort of Neon look to them. Great job. Let me know when the book is published.
 Rob Goldstein

There are many books on HDR photography. This book succeeds in distinguishing itself by providing a unique approach to HDR photography. Many people have criticized HDR images because they are not “realistic.” In this book, the authors have concentrated on providing processing techniques for landscape, urban, and commercial buildings. There are short discussions on how the shots are taken, but the majority of the book concentrates on post processing. The authors provide examples showing their HDR processing aimed at producing realistic images. I especially like the commercial real estate photos, both exterior and interior.

The book is not lengthy and should not be considered an exhaustive treatment of HDR photography. It uses Photomatix Pro, so users of other HDR image software may not find as much of the material applicable to their needs.

 Overall, a great book on HDR photography for those interested in producing the most realistic images possible.
Danny brown

 I am very much looking forward to the release of your Realistic HDR e-book. I looked very closely at your sample images and, while the look is exactly what i am trying to achieve, your skies, in particular are very good – not overly dark as I have seen in many HDR images that attempt to achieve a realistic look.
 Paul Symons 

What you will receive:

  1. 84 pages e-book in Adobe PDF format.
  2. Original RAW images which were used as an examples in the book*.
  3. Layered PSD files of the processed images*.
  4. 30 day no question asked money back guarantee.

What you will not receive:

  1. Access to a magic “Make my image nice” button  :-)
  2. Hard cover paper book. This is an e-book in PDF and Kindle formats.

What is required:

  1. We have used Photomatix Pro 4 and Photoshop CS5 to process our images. Older version of the same software or different software will work, but the controls and particular tools might be different.
  2. Any digital camera with auto exposure bracketing or with manual shooting mode will work.
* Links to download the files are under “Links” section of the e-book. These files are huge, total size over 1Gigabyte. 


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